盐湖城社区学院 (nba投注) is committed to respecting your privacy. This privacy statement governs the collection and use of information through official nba投注 websites and nba投注-published mobile applications. Please read this Privacy Statement carefully to understand your rights. By using nba投注 websites or nba投注-published mobile applications, you agree to the terms outlined below. 


  • Data: Any facts or items of information that can be analyzed or used to gain knowledge or make decisions. 
  • 个人身份资料(PII): Any information that can be used to identify or distinguish an individual. 这包括名字, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, 或者其他数据, when combined, 能认出一个具体的人吗. 
  • nba投注 Websites:这些是nba投注拥有和运营的官方网络平台, 提供信息, services, 以及与机构相关的资源. 
  • slcc -发布的移动应用程序: Mobile software developed and owned by nba投注 that is available for download on authorized app stores. These applications provide tailored functionalities and access to features on mobile devices. 
  • Users: Individuals visiting, accessing, or using nba投注 websites or nba投注-published mobile applications. 


We collect personal information from visitors to nba投注 websites only when explicitly and voluntarily provided. nba投注避免收集有关政治观点的数据, religious beliefs, health status, 或者性取向. 以下是要点: 

  1. 收集个人身份资料(PII):
    • 只要您自愿将个人信息提交给nba投注网站,nba投注就会收集您的个人信息, 包括你的名字, email, mailing address, telephone number, 以及对nba投注服务的偏好. 
    • We do not sell, share, or distribute your PII to third parties except as required by law or college policy. 
  2. 非个人身份信息:
    • We collect generic information through “cookies” to evaluate usage patterns and improve content and distribution. 
    • cookie是在会话期间放置在计算机上的文本文件. 您可以调整浏览器设置来管理cookie. 
  3. Statistical Logs:
    • We use reporting programs to collect data about visitor traffic to our site. 
    • We analyze data in aggregate to determine trends and enhance our sites. 
  4. Data Security:
    • nba投注已经实现了物理, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard data and prevent unauthorized access. 
    • Personal information is not intentionally released to others except as permitted by law. 
  5. 其他来源和第三方服务 
    • nba投注可能会从其他来源收到有关您的信息, 包括帮助nba投注更新的第三方, expand, 分析nba投注的记录, 识别新客户, 或防止或侦测欺诈.
    • nba投注 may also receive information about you from social media platforms, 包括但不限于, when you access our social media content or interact with us on these platforms. nba投注可能收到的信息受隐私设置的约束, policies, and/or procedures of the applicable social media platform; therefore, nba投注鼓励您回顾它们. 


  1. 收集电话号码: We collect phone numbers to send SMS communications related to our services. These phone numbers are used solely for legitimate educational or business purposes. 
  2. 短信通讯的目的: By providing your phone number, you consent to receive our SMS messages. 这些消息可能包括事务性更新, 服务通知, 以及nba投注产品的其他相关信息. 
  3. SMS Consent: When collecting phone numbers through our website or other channels, nba投注将通知您nba投注对您的信息的预期用途.
  4. Intake Form: Our public website will feature an Intake Form where students can provide their consent explicitly. 诸如“通过选中此框”之类的语句, I provide my consent to receive SMS messages” will be prominently displayed. 
  5. SMS Opt-Out Option: If you no longer wish to receive SMS communications from us, you can opt-out. Reply to any SMS message with the word “STOP,” and we will remove your number from our list. 
  6. 紧急警报系统: nba投注的紧急警报系统是一个“选择退出”系统. This means that current active students are automatically registered for this service and must opt-out to stop it. For more information on this service and how to update your preferences, visit the nba投注 紧急警报系统网页
  7. 第三方分享: We do not share phone numbers collected with third parties for marketing purposes.
  8. 额外的资源: We follow RingCentral短信内容策略. 更多详情请参阅. 

Use of Information

通过向nba投注网站提交信息, you agree that, 遵循联邦或州法律的, nba投注 may use this information for the specific reasons for which it was provided. This may include:

  • 向您提供所需信息
  • 处理入学或就业申请
  • 处理管理任务
  • 履行货物或服务的订单
  • 通知您有关产品或服务的信息
  • 加强网络内容和交流
  • 改善nba投注服务
  • Using information for purposes outlined on nba投注 websites or mobile applications 


  • By 提供信息 to nba投注, you consent to use of your personal data in the United States. 
  • 如果你不是美国居民, 您所在国家管理数据收集和使用的法律可能有所不同. 

Related Policies 

除了nba投注的隐私声明, nba投注 adheres to several other policies that safeguard information and ensure responsible use of college resources. 以下是与nba投注的隐私措施相辅相成的相关政策: 

  1. 资讯保安政策:
    • 资讯保安政策 为所有员工设定要求, students, and college administrative units to comply with applicable laws and provide necessary security standards to protect the privacy rights of college community members and ensure the integrity of college information assets, systems, and resources. The policy emphasizes data protection, authentication, and incident response procedures. 
  2. 可接受的使用大学计算资源政策:
    • The 可接受使用政策 ensures the proper use of resources following the mission of nba投注 and protects the college community and college property. 
  3. FERPA(家庭教育权利和隐私法)政策:
    • FERPA affords eligible students certain rights regarding their education records. 
  4. 数据治理策略:
    • The 数据治理策略y recognizes institutional data as an asset and emphasizes its security and quality. 

These policies collectively reinforce nba投注’s commitment to protecting privacy, 维护数据完整性, 促进负责任的信息处理. 有关详细信息,请参阅上面链接的完整政策文件. 


nba投注 allows students to access and correct their personal information. 学生可以更新他们的个人信息, 比如他们的地址, phone number, and email, 通过“Mynba投注”门户. They can also submit a 'Change of Personal Information' form to the Office of the Registrar and Academic Records.

Additionally, 家庭教育权利和隐私法(FERPA), students have the right to review and request corrections to their education records.

更多信息请访问nba投注网站 更改个人信息 and FERPA -学生隐私权

nba投注允许员工访问和修改他们的个人信息. 如需帮助,请联系人们 & 职场文化 hr@bukharamanchester.com


作为一个公共机构, 是犹他州的重要机构, nba投注 is subject to the Government Records Access and Management Act of the Utah Code, Section 63G-2-101 et seq.(“GRAMA”),可作修订。. 这意味着记录, 以各种形式,包括电子邮件, 提供给nba投注的资料将会公开披露, unless the record is designated by law as confidential or not a public record. 




We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Statement in whole or in part at any time. The modified policy will be posted on this page with an updated effective date. 


For questions concerning this privacy notice, please contact the nba投注 Data Privacy Officer at privacy@bukharamanchester.com.